Beyond the Movie

You may not know that Wildlife Media isn’t simply about making inspiring and exciting movies, we’re also making sure that the money donated to us helps protect the very wild places we show in our films.

We recently reached out to help friend Robyn at the Spectacled Bear Conservation Society Peru:

The WM board just approved sending Robyn $5600 to cover 2 months of staff time for 5 people in Peru. One of her funding sources fell through so this was an emergency need. Just the kind of thing we are here to do for our partners like Robyn. I called her in Peru this morning to tell her and she was lost for words. She has worked too long and hard, and yielded way too many positive results for things to fall apart for the simple reason she doesn’t have enough time to fund-raise. It feels great to be able to step in in this way.


Thanks all of you for making so much good possible.


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