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The BEARTREK effect hits Mongolia – even before the film is out!



We recently lost a dear friend, and so did wildlife.


Chris Morgan hosts Animal Homes for PBS Nature

Chris Morgan is a PBS host who has narrated many different programs on PBS including Animal Homes which airing on PBS Nature on April 8th, 15th and 22nd 2015.

Chris Morgan & beaver dam from Animal Homes series

Chris Morgan investigating beaver dam for PBS Nature Animal Homes series.

Animal Homes used stunning visual imagery and computer graphics to inform viewers about different animal species and the homes they create.

Bird nest graphic from Animal Homes courtesy PBS Nature.

Oven bird nest graphic from Animal Homes courtesy PBS Nature.

Everything from the tiniest of birds next to bear dens were explored in the program.

Chris Morgan outside of a bear den.

Chris Morgan outside of a black bear den on location for PBS Nature's Animal Homes

If you’d like to see more programs from Chris check out BEARTREK, an epic global adventure to the world’s wildest places. And a campaign to protect them.



Alaskan brown bear taken by Chris Morgan

Alaskan brown bear grazing in sedge grass field.