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The ultimate focus of the BEARTREK campaign is conservation.  That’s why ALL proceeds from the future release of BEARTREK, the film, will go to conservation organizations and to fund new films on wildlife conservation.

“But bears – and other wildlife that share their home – can’t wait.”

Thanks to the Isdell Family Foundation, Wildlife Media has given $60,000 to polar bear ecologist – Dr. Nick Lunn of Environment Canada, for his important research on the Western Hudson Bay polar bears.  Dr. Lunn’s conservation research on these animals includes aerial surveys, tagging, tracking, and biological sampling (not to mention playing a key role in helping to film the polar bears of Hudson Bay for BEARTREK the film!).  His research is vital for understanding how climate change and reduced ice cover is affecting the survival and reproduction of wild polar bears.  As climate change limits the availability of ice cover, human/polar bear conflicts increase, making his research more important than ever.

In all, polar bear research has benefited from $60,000 donated by the BEARTREK campaign!  Money is used for satellite collars (a very expensive and a crucial tool for bear research), helicopter time, lab equipment and analysis, sampling equipment, and man-hours.

Dr. Lunn also works with the conservation organization – Polar Bears International, whose goal is to provide the best scientifically based and peer-reviewed polar bear research to governments and institutions, so they can make the best decisions concerning the well being of polar bears worldwide.

We here at Wildlife Media are so excited to work with researchers like Dr Lunn.  We’d also like to thank our generous supporters that make donations to important conservation work around the globe possible.

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