BEARTREK is Wildlife Media's first feature-length film. It takes you on a global motorcycle quest with insatiable adventurer and biologist Chris Morgan. Chris traverses the wildest places on Earth seeking out the rarest bear species and the dedicated people racing to save them from extinction. Movie profits will fund bear conservation, including projects highlighted in the film. Watch the clips below, explore this website, then support wildlife and wild places.

BEARTREK Introduction

Length 10:37

Go on a "whirlwind trip of the bear's world" with Chris Morgan. Chris narrates this multi-media presentation that explains why "what's good for bears is good for people."

He also shares how BEARTREK – the film and campaign – came to be, and describes a few of the ways that Wildlife Media is already helping protect critical habitat. The "show" includes scenes and music from BEARTREK the movie.


Length 1:35

Watch this quick, but engaging excerpt of BEARTREK.


Length 2:55

Focused on an amazing spectacled bear project in Peru, this short includes groundbreaking footage of a rare, wild Andean bear cub ("Martina") and her mother.

Peru Special Edit

Length 3:06

This 3-minute clip was the first raw footage to come home with Joe from Peru. It revealed so many possibilities for our BEARTREK segment in the Andes - never before have spectacled bears been filmed professionally this well before, and we are very excited to bring them, and the work of biologist Robyn Appleton to the world's attention.

Borneo Special Edit

Length 10:13

Immerse yourself in tropical Borneo. Joe edited this piece for pioneering sun bear biologist and BEARTREK featured character Siew Te Wong to use to promote his conservation work. It worked! Mr. Wong has used this clip to successfully raise awareness and funding for sun bears in Sabah, Borneo. The habitats in which sun bears are found are among the most bio-diverse in the world. Protect sun bears and we protect thousands of their neighbors. Look out for the sun bear cub 'Cerah' at minute 6 - released into her forest home for the first time since being orphaned.


Length 6:28

Experience an early compilation of BEARTREK video clips featuring the biggest and smallest bears in the world, Alaska's brown bears and Borneo's sun bears.

No narration, but set to powerful and energizing music, including James.